Try the cloud – an offer for businesses

Stop the hassle.

It’s time to try something different.

It’s possible to:

  • Have systems that are available 99.99% of the time (if it’s not working, you don’t pay).
  • Drive costs down over time, not up.
  • Be more secure without investing in expensive hardware or software.
  • Take advantage of monthly payments based only on what you-use.
  • Explore how technology can enhance you business, and try it out without long-term commitment and capital outlays.


How do we do it?


As certified Amazon partners we are able to access various forms of program funding to facilitate you using AWS for your project or to test if cloud takes your IT pain away. It works for you, then we can talk about how to move  permanently into the cloud.  If not, you simply walk away.


No obligation, no outlay, no hassle.


It really is that simple, so get touch or fill out the contact form on this page to see why more than 1 million companies around the world rely on the planet’s biggest cloud infrastructure services provider.

How does it work?

5 easy steps.

  1. Fill out the contact form on the right, or get in touch with us (details below).
  2. We’ll arrange a time to speak in more detail about your needs and what you want to see working in the AWS cloud.
  3. If it meets the minimum criteria (a mix of company type, workloads and technology needs), we’ll put together a plan and submit for approval
  4. Once approved, our technical engineering team will get everything ready in AWS using safe and secure methods designed by Amazon.
  5. A productive relationships starts as we assist you with your testing and possibly production phase!

Contact Details


What can I test?
If your application runs on a physical or virtual server, on premise or hosted, we can test it.  Things like Sage/Pastel SysPro, Line-of-business custom applications, Web Apps, Web pages and eCommerce sites, Databases, SharePoint, Exchange, CRM….if it runs on Windows or Linux you’re good to go.

Can I test more than one?
Yes.  We’ll move everything into AWS for you to test if you like, but that often requires business downtime so most companies prefer to test one of two ‘workloads’.

How can you do it for free?
As Amazon partners (APN), we are supported by AWS to do this for you.  There’s no catch.

What is pay-as-you-use?
Cloud is ‘elastic’, meaning you only provision what you need for your immediate needs, and then let it grow or shrink based on the demands of your application or service. This means you don’t incur expenses for the ‘just in case I need more hard drive space I’ll buy more now’ scenario.  Some services are charged hourly, some per 100 milliseconds!  But don’t worry, we provide access to dashboards and reports for you to know where you’re at and what you can expect.

Why is AWS more stable?
AWS operate in more than 20 geographic regions with 55 Availability zones (each with one or more data-centers), massive network infrastructure, multiple power sources and scale that only providers like them can operate.  Simply said, you get access to the same technologies that companies like Netflix,, AirBnB, Kellogg’s use to keep them up and running.  They’ve developed operational excellence doing this 2006.  They run more Windows servers than Microsoft does in their cloud. You just can’t get that anywhere else.

What bandwidth do I need?
Bandwidth requirements depend on what you want to test. More bandwidth is always better, but you just need a stable internet connection – if you’re running your business without connectivity problems at the moment you’re probably fine.

What if I’m already hosting my stuff?
No problem, we’ll work with your hosting provider.

What about compliance and security?
Security is Amazon’s top priority.  It’s actually easier for a small and medium sized business to achieve compliance by using AWS than it is to try and do so with their own hardware or local hosting.

Is this SaaS, PaaS, IaaS?
All of the above!  We’ll match the technology to your needs, so you’re covered no matter what.

What happens to my stuff if I don’t want to continue?
We’ll simply turn off the resources and delete the whole AWS environment.  We’ll provide a certificate that says we have done so and can do so at your premises too in order for you to have peace-of-mind.

Something else?
Get in touch!