Cloud is More About Creativity Than Technology

Cloud is creativity

Cloud is More About Creativity Than Technology

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” Albert Einstein

So often when we discuss cloud technology, the conversation centers around virtual servers, storage, databases, compute power etc. While these terms are certainly important to us at Kaskade.Cloud, they do not represent the most important part of our cloud discussion.

The first question we like to ask is, “What do you want to achieve?”. The answer to this question provides us with great insight into the clients way of thinking about technology. Some view it as a necessary evil to achieving their business aims, while others see it as the enabler and catalyst for envisaging the future of their business.

You may be thinking that this potential for creativity exists regardless if using traditional on premise architecture as well. However, I would challenge that this is just not true.

The Old Way

If you were to come up with a new brilliant idea, in order to move this idea into reality using the old on premise paradigm, you would first need to secure CAPEX to purchase the hardware that will run the development environment for the solution. This means you need to motivate your idea, taking up many hours if not days and weeks. Hardware is expensive. Many will negate the idea to avoid the expenditure,  creating a major stumbling block to getting new ideas off the ground. This is only the start of the expense, approvals and motivations journey. If the solution gets approval and works, they will need to go through the whole approval process in order to launch the new product into production. If it takes off in the market, most likely they did not purchase hardware big enough to cope with the increased load as the solutions popularity grows and the system goes down. Customers become disillusioned and the project fails. It’s enough to discourage innovation and creativity in any organisation.

The Cloud Way

Contrast this with the person who decides to take the cloud route. There is an idea. This idea is shared with a colleague who likes it and says let’s do this. They decide to spin up a server instance in AWS (Amazon Web Services), start coding and exploring other services. They see that they can break this idea down into micro-services and use serverless components, reducing the cost further. They examine all the various database options from free right up to pay for what you use enterprise grade databases. They import and store some openly available consumer data and start training machine learning models on what the customers are likely to order and they take advantage of Amazon’s recommendation engine to suggest other products to the clients. They create a website that integrates their marketing, lead generation and customer ordering directly to their manufacturing system. It’s all secure, backed-up, and scalable. If they release the product and it goes from 1 user on day one to 2 million users on day 6, the solution will scale. They have uptake for the solution across the world, so they include a CloudFront (a content delivery network/CDN) to bring the data closer to the customer. The solution continues to grow and adapt and the product goes from conception to a working product in a matter of months, while the on-premise person is still struggling to secure budget for the idea.

Cloud Creativity

Cloud is about breaking the chains that bind creativity and imagination. It frees up your IT organisation to start thinking about “what if” instead of how much storage do they need. Your team can put their energies into imagining the businesses future and starting on the journey, instead of worrying if the server is going to fall over when another 10 people join the business.

Cloud is about imagination. Cloud is like a Lego box of blocks that you can combine to create amazing outcomes. Cloud is about making IT fun again.

We love the challenge of re-imagining our clients businesses with them. The process of coming up with creative solutions to their problems and then moving beyond the issues into creating competitive advantage is immensely rewarding.


If this sounds like something your business could use, we invite you to come play in our cloud Lego box with us, and see what we can build together.

Click the button to select a time that works for you, and let’s have a chat about what’s next for your business.

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