Condensing the Cloud: A fortnightly wrap of AWS news and insights.

There may be a couple of places left for the CloudHealth Cost Optimisation Masterclass – please check out the links for the Cape Town or Johannesburg event to verify.


– If you’ve been waiting for EC2 server instance size to reach “yowzers!”, you’ll be pleased with the new High Memory family (up to 12TB in memory).

– You may have already been accosted with ads for the AWS Innovate conference.  If not, there are some very relevant topics being covered (it’s all online BTW). 

– It may seem trivial, but knowing that changes to tags have been made via Cloudwatch events can save you a whole lot of hassle if you’re using tags like you’re supposed to.

– Managing directories across multiple AWS accounts just got easier with AWS Managed Microsoft AD now able to share a single directory across multiple AWS accounts

– Ensure your SQL database doesn’t get deleted by accident in Amazon RDS by enabling deletion prevention.  Seems like a good idea to me.



–  Serverless can sound daunting, but this list of AWS Lambda use cases give practical and accessible use cases. 

– Bringing your own IP address to AWS is something new and very useful.  But it’s not a walk in the park, as this guide indicates.    

– How to predict financial markets using neural networks. Not for the faint-hearted.

– Read why you shouldn’t use Facebook to log-in to other sites (your info may have been hacked along with tens of millions of others)


Something Remarkable

We’re always on the look-out for impressive use cases, and once again we’ve found one right here in SA.  Jumo has been in the news a lot lately for securing a significant round of funding, but their use of technology, underpinned by AWS, is a great example of how cloud opens up opportunities for innovators.  We had to dig back 3 years for this insight into their approach to provide context for this short video about their use of AWS.


cloud-over-africa-podcast 300x300

 In the second episode that looks at interesting “born in the cloud” startups, we chat to Celina Lee, CEO of Zindi, a cloud platform that aims to solve Africa’s toughest challenges using machine learning and AI.

Available on iTunes and most other players as well as from their website.

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