Don’t Disrupt! Agilitise!

Written by Kevin Derman CEO Kaskade.Cloud

I am sure that there is no one who would argue against the notion that the world is getting faster and faster. The rate of technological change is accelerating and most of us can feel this pace in our daily lives. Not only as individual consumers, but also as businesses. IT plays a critical part now days in any business. Whether you are a florist or medical analytics business, you are reliant on IT to facilitate the flow of your day to day environment.

The term digital disruption has become an overused cliché that unfortunately has scared most older, more established businesses from making the move to the modern, more agile way of doing business. The reason for this, stems from the negative use of the word disruption. A process that normally disturbs, agitates, and generally strikes fear into the majority of human hearts, as we are programmed to seek stability and comfort. Hence, when most companies consider moving to the cloud, the notion of this term, this “digital disruption” sits in the back of their mind. Implanted there by so many media articles over the past years. Questions spin around like, “Is this the right time to disrupt my business?”, “My business is doing ok, what happens if I disrupt it and it declines?”, “My business has been running fine for 20 years, why do I need disruption?”

I would like to suggest that we change the verb of the term, to “Digitally Disrupt”, to we are going to “Digitally Agilitise” your business. The word “Agility” focuses on the positive effects of the action. An action that’s starts with moving components of your business to the cloud.

During my career I have started two businesses from scratch and both times, there was never a consideration, never even a single thought of buying physical hardware and keeping some of the technology on-premise (buying a physical server and keeping it in the office). The reason for this was twofold: 1. Ease and speed of getting the service (server, platform and the application) up and running, and 2. Agility.

I would argue that agility is a key component, if not the most important component, in the success of the modern business. Yes, agility does involve creative thinking, but without the means to act quickly on the creative ideas, those ideas die, eventually taking the business with them.

Businesses tend to evolve over time, and cloud provides the agility to evolve. It provides the agility to capitalise on a trend when identified, by quickly creating a means to interact or transact with the audience involve in the new trend.

Cloud provides the agility to extend you business to new markets, globally, without having to have a physical presence in those countries.

Cloud facilitates the agility to expand capacity to accommodate sudden demand e.g. Black Friday sales. And conversely it provides the agility to shrink that capacity when no longer required.

Cloud provides the agility to examine not only your data, but many other companies data to understand the trends and plan for the future of your business. The agility to see when your customers buying behaviour has changed, and when you need to change to provide them with what they now require.

Cloud provides the agility to try something new, quickly and easily. A new product idea, a new marketing technique or a new market. All can be easily experimented with for a few days to a few months. If the idea doesn’t work, you just shut it down. No more huge capex outlays and planning for years.

Agility is about keeping businesses evolving. Agility is what keeps businesses alive. So don’t think of modernising your business as “digital disruption” but rather bringing “digital agility” into your business as your competitive edge.

If you are ready to “Digitally Agilitise” your business, get hold of Kaskade today. We will take you through the process of understanding what will make the most sense to move to the cloud now, and plot the rest of your businesses cloud journey with you, ensuring that your business remains safe and secure throughout the entire process. Mail for more information on starting your journey.

Kevin Derman is CEO of Kaskade.Cloud. He is a technical and human potential evangelist, fascinated by the promise of what our digital future holds. He can also be booked for keynote addresses that give a glimpse into the potential future of our digital lives.

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