Cloud Cost Optimisation

Moving to the cloud has many advantages, however there is complexity in cost management. Cloud spend tends to increase over time for many reasons.

Let assist in analysing your cloud environments and provide you with cost optimisation recommendations. Available for AWS and Azure.

Cost Optimisation Certified
We are the only partner with Cost Optimisation Certified Skills in Africa. Our tools ensure we are able to deliver cost management, improved processes and optimised resources.
Cloud Health Partner
We are a partner of Cloud Health, using only the best cost optimisation tools. CloudHealth was named a leader in The Forrester Wave™ Cloud Cost Monitoring And Optimization, Q2 2018.

Hyperscale cloud enables automation, rapid provisioning, easy access to hundreds of services and almost limitless computing power.  That also means that costs can quickly escalate the cost drivers can be difficult to understand and controls difficult to implement without significant time and effort.  In addition to this, how do you provide governance without impeding agility?


Our clients come to us to take away the risk and the hassle with our full cost management service that includes:

  • Customised visibility into AWS and Azure environments including risk and best practice gaps
  • Cost reallocation to better understand costs and drive accountability
  • Fully managed optimisation on an ongoing basis to maximise returns and find hidden costs
  • Know who is doing what by analysing across any business or technical group
  • Proactive governance with chargeback, budgets, guardrails, alerts, approval workflows and more

The fact that we don’t charge for our cost management service (we simply retain a share of what we save you) reveals one of our underlying values – that of possibility.  By freeing up budget we help our clients focus skills, time, and focus on projects that help the business find new opportunities.  That’s what gets us excited, that’s why we’re in this business.

So why not ask for a free initial optimisation report? Send an email to for more information.