The time to move to the cloud was yesterday!

The time to move to the cloud was yesterday!


When is the best time to move to the cloud?  (Choose 1)

  1. When you are needing to upgrade a server
  2. When you need to buy extra storage
  3. When system reliability is frustrating you
  4. When you need to back up your data and systems
  5. When you are starting a new project
  6. When you are wanting to add competitive advantage to your business through artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT or blockchain technology
  7. When you are tired of patching servers every week
  8. When you are wanting to add speed and agility to your business
  9. When you need your business to be always on
  10. When you need your website or ordering system to scale from handling hundreds to tens of thousands of users in a matter of minutes
  11. When you just don’t have enough IT resources to manage your current infrastructure
  12. When you are merging two companies and need to move everyone onto a single system
  13. When you need to ensure that your systems are physically secure
  14. When you want to ensure that your business is able to take advantage of the latest technologies
  15. When the number of employees in your business is elastic and scales at different times of the year
  16. When you want to be locally relevant but globally available
  17. When you want to ensure that the quality of service for your users is reliable and always of a high standard
  18. When you need to adhere to global standards like HIPAA, GDPR and more
  19. When you are a small business but that doesn’t mean your systems should be inferior
  20. When you want to take advantage of enterprise technology
  21. When you have awesome ideas and want to bring them to life
  22. When you want to provide your customers with a customised service based on their preferences and buying patterns
  23. When you want to make your business available 24/7 365 days a year
  24. When you need to move from CAPEX to OPEX
  25. When you want to ensure you are always using the most cost efficient hardware
  26. Any of the above

26 reasons and I could have gone on. The bottom line is that the right time to move to the cloud was yesterday, but seeing that would require some really special physics and the ability to travel faster than the speed of light, I would rather suggest that the right time is now. You should not wait for any of the reasons above but rather be proactive as you are certainly guaranteed to encounter one of these situations sooner or later.

Ready to make the move? Kaskade.Cloud will assess your current environment and present you with the most appropriate plan for your to take advantage of the best that cloud has to offer. Contact them today for your no obligation assessment. Mail to find out more.

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