What do Startups Need for Success?

Let’s assume that you have taken care of the obvious, which is a business idea, there are several things that are key to providing a professional image that will result in customers and investors in your business.

You need to ensure you have the following:

  • Business Class Email
    • Nothing says “unprofessional” more than a Gmail address. It essentially means that you cannot afford your own domain. You need the reliability and professionalism of a business class email service e.g. Amazon Workmail
  • Professional Website
    • Nowadays every business needs a website, regardless if you do online business or not. It buys you credibility and ensures that people can find you. However, an unprofessionally designed site can do more damage to your business reputation than no site at all. Make sure that you get a professional website.
  • Hosting of Digital assets
    • If you are a company who delivers a technical product, you will need to host this in the cloud. Many companies are excellent at developing their own solutions, but not at designing and managing the cloud infrastructure that the solution runs on. Use professionals so you ensure your customers security, reliability and cost effectiveness.
  • Solid SaaS tools
    • Unless you only have one customer, you will need some kind of CRM tool, accounting system, ERP system etc. Ensure that you evaluate all the options and make wise choices here as you will be investing significant time to get the full value out of these tools.
  • GoTo Technical Provider
    • At some stage, something is bound to go wrong. You do not want your business to grind to a halt. Focus on your business while you hand over your IT issue to an experienced Managed Service Provider.

If you are a Startup, Kaskade.cloud has a Startup Landing Zone designed to assist you to get your business setup in the AWS cloud, so you can focus on your business and not on your infrastructure.

We supply AWS cloud infrastructure as a full managed service, including security, patching and monitoring of your cloud services.

  • Providing Technical assistance in setting up their environments
  • Monitoring, securing and maintaining the environment
  • Growing with you as your business grows
  • We will ensure affordability and scalability

Why not mail Kaskade today at info@kaskade.cloud to hear more on how you could benefit from all of the above for little to no cost in our sponsored Startup Zone or simply sign up today here.

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